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We provide different services for companies working with SAP. Having experience in "traditional" SAP modules, we are ready to offer consultants and programmers with 20+ years of experience. We have been delivering resources worldwide for international projects and will be ready to discuss your needs.

Key features


24/7 system monitoring

For our customers, we provide monitoring and preventive maintenance of crucial SAP systems. The monitoring service is typically provided on 24/7 basis. Various aspects of monitoring services can be adjusted to comply with the customer’s specific requirements.

Solution design & realization

We have a team of experienced professionals with experience on international projects in the SAP area and strong overview of SAP technologies and solutions are ready to design a valuable solution based on your business requirements. We guarantee you the right choice of SAP technologies and solution combination covering your business needs.

Moveover, we try to keep solutions as close to SAP standard as possible, which dramatically reduces future operational and maintenance costs.

Operational Support

We provide design and implementations of solutions to common change requests from our customers. The service is typically provided in Time & Material mode to the agreed extent, or reaction time, while with the individual requirements, we guarantee an insurmountable labor intensive.

Resources on time & material basis

We are ready to provide our resources on time & material basis when requested. Because of the character of this type of service we are ready to provide you further reduction of our competitive rates in relation to planning in advance and the length of continuous work of the resource – see the Price scheme below.

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