QoE Monitoring for any device

For DOCSIS LTE & DSL networks

Quality and traffic data aggregation & analysis

Carrier Grade QoE Monitoring

Analyze Your Customer's Experience!

The market is very competitive and it is really important for you to offer the best possible experience of your services to your customers. You need the right tools, reports and data to further analyze possible improvements in order to keep the level of service as high as possible.

Using AXTRACT for quality monitoring means gathering the data from your CPEs periodically. That means providing you with information about actual service status of your customers for further analysis. Keeping the historical data for as long as 1 year allows you to go back in time and see exactly what your service looked like at a given moment. Correlating these values from different CPEs from different locations might be valuable insight about your network that you can combine with e.g. regular speed test for selected samples of your CPE base. You can choose which information you want to store, how often and for how long, thus we are able to customize the solution according to your needs. AXTRACT is a tool that will allow you to move from reactive to predictive maintenance and proactive service management. No matter if you need to monitor DSL, LTE, DOCSIS or Network, AXTRACT offers it all.

Key features



  • Multi-protocol Collectors (available for TR-069, snmp, http, IPDR, telnet, ssh, etc.)
  • TR-069 collection is transparent to existing ACS
  • Ready to use bundles for common cases: xDSL, LTE, DOCSIS
  • Full flexibility to configure extra collection functions, calculated KPIs or reports
  • Ability to export or stream collected data in different formats
  • Alerting framework for Proactive Support and Alarming
  • Specialized database infrastructure for scalable time series, current state representation and to deal with varying data models


  • Fully compliant with diagnostic extensions like TR-143 and TR-157, to transform a device into a real active probe
  • Flexible OSS/BSS integration mechanism for Metadata Injection (push and pull)
  • Full horizontal scalability on all levels of data collection, processing and storage
  • High Performance (thousands of inform messages/sec/server)
  • Runs on commodity hardware / VMs to reduce cost
  • No additional 3rd party software cost
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